"Designing is a chain of acts that requires a creative attitude and which is an adventurous path chosen to solve a problem."

Initially, to reach a specific objective, within a specific regulation, design is a whole of plan and programs. The equipment used, the structure and all shall be compatible with each other and shall express the design at best means. It shall also serve the means of its creation as well as having to meet the needs of its aesthetic look.
The choices made in its process of creation will determine the view it will take at the end of its design. All such process constitutes specific phases that rack each other during the process. These phases are constituted respectively by statement ascertaining, analysis, description, conceptualizing, elimination, application and evaluation. Our company has agreed to work due to such principle in which it has assimilated to itself such philosophy and principles.
Dual Wood Workshop
In accordance with the developments seen in the market conditions, our company has established its second company “Dual Wood Ltd. Co” in 2008 August without compromising of its principles.
Dual Wood continues to realize its manufacturing acts within an indoor area of 1200 m2 in size and with its machinery fitted with the latest technology directly with the entrance to producing raw material independent from external entities. With its experienced manufacture and installment teams which have taken the quality of furniture as a principle, the company has succeeded in producing high quality furniture in short times.



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